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  • Hi,

    I think I can offer my work to the Scirra Community. I'm seeing some interesting stuff being produced with Construct.

    My name is Dado, I live in Brazil working as a Freelancer 2D Artist for the Entertainment Industry and Game Development Studios (mostly Indies).

    With a new-born ready to pop soon on this world , I`m interested in new work opportunities.

    Please, if you are a Developer with a serious project idea and is in need of some help on the Visual side of it (Concepting, Illustration, Mockups), I would be glad if you take the time to visit my portfolio and consider my name for future calls.

    As an Independent Artist, I host some personal projects that maybe give you an idea of the range of my skills:

    • Claws and Tusks (my webcomic)
    • Dadotronic (my blog on tumblr)

    I thank you all Scirra`s Community in advance.

    Please feel free to contact me by email (contactdado - at -

    • Dado
  • Wow! That's some really nice artwork. Very professional. I've bookmarked this for later Dado.

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  • Thank you Hundredfold.

    Please keep my name for future projects, in meantime, feel free to spread the word if you like to support my studio.


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