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  • My name is Scott Hamlin. I am the director of -- we have a lot of Flash games. I have an increasing number of clients that want them done in HTML5. I have licensed/purchased Scirra and I think it could be used for the games, but I don't have time myself. What people do is they come to our site, see one of our games, and then ask for a quote to get that game done with their stuff in it. I have a client right now that wants that. If you are able to make professional quality games with Scirra on a deadline (usually 1-4 weeks depending on the game), please contact me via the contact information page at

  • How much $$ do we get ?

    And is the art and music given ?


  • You should give more info about what you exactly need. Are they gonna be browser games only? played from browser and mobile?

    And yeah like Whiteclaws says, are you providing all graphics and audio elements?

  • Yes, interested but one thing is to program/code, and other to design

  • Well ... Excuse my impatience but could we atleast get some replies ?

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  • Hey-- i have a number of demos here:

    "" && all done in C2 < my really good stuff is not posted at this time. > && am glad to talk about anything that makes sense both ways. I'll try to shoot you an e-mail at your website &&

    kind regards, mark-p.

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