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  • I am just curious if I had a game idea and needed someone to code it, someone to do music and someone to do art. What would be an average cost to get someone. I am still learning but I have a couple of game ideas I would like to launch.

  • It is up to you yourself. You can find free music everywhere these days (might not be be very good, but it is FREE). The graphics are all about what type of graphics. If there are only white squares then that department won't be expensive as well. Pretty much every section can be free if you find the right people. But, the amount invested somewhat correlates with the finished product.

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  • Like TheNormalGeek is saying... it really depends on a lot of things...

    You can use lower end things for low budget projects...

    If you have a idea and need a prototype, let me know


  • Simply put, you get what you pay for. If you have a low budget you probably won't be able to get a very skilled artist/musician/coder. Most low budget projects that do have above average production value tend to be done by a tight team of friends or a solo developer with sufficient know-how. Those scenarios usually don't involve a lot of money since they are all doing it out of their own pockets.

    That said, if you want to hire people you'll probably need some money to spend if you want quality stuff, exclusive assets are generally much more expensive than the stuff you can buy on asset stores (but then your assets won't be unique, which is not optimal).

    It's also usually a good idea to branch out into other trades as a designer (which I assume you are, given the info) as being solely a designer limits you significantly unless you can pay people to do stuff for you. Getting your hands dirty in coding or asset creation is usually a good thing to do because then you can do other stuff than just being the "ideas guy", that way you reduce cost and have more control.

  • The best thing to do is to work with the people you hire.

  • could cost $100, or $750,000. It really depends

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