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  • Hi all,

    I recently created a studio called 'empowering studios'. I have been using Construct 2 for over a year. I have another Construct account, so I am not new around here. The apps I hope to create with a team, are educational apps, you may ask why educational apps? I believe in the near future there is going to be a huge boom in educational apps, and thus would love to get involved before there are many educational apps on the market. The apps will be aimed at schools, and will be a teaching asset/tool teachers and parents can use to enhance learning.

    Below is the link to one of the educational apps I have made.Looking for any persons with art, music, designing, scripting skills/experience (there is a space between 'https://' and 'google...').


    I am hoping to start selling 'myReef' application in Australian schools as soon as it is polished, however, my art and music/sfx skills are pretty limited. Please PM me or email empoweringstudios, if you are interested or have any questions.

    At the moment, the work will not be paid, but I will split the profits with anyone who contributes to empowering studios.

  • don't want to sound negative, but the educational apps market is already way too saturated!

    to be able to sell a true educational app, it has to be truly brilliant. there are too many big studios in this market space like disney, toca boca...

  • Hi bjadams,

    You are correct. There are many educational apps. but who are they aimed at, and what age group?

    You will notice 99.9% of all educational apps are aimed at children 2-5. Teaching them how to count, teaching them the alphabet, shapes, animals etc.

    The above app I created ensure that several parts of the Australia curriculum are targetted, it teaches kids about biodiversity and sustainability (among other things).

    I am planning to contact schools, however, this app is not 100% polished, and I was hoping to get some help and split the profits.

    I know for a fact, that schools are actively looking for good apps/resources. Selling educational apps directly to schools and offering a cheap price should get them to purchase apps.

    As I said before this is a niche market, creating apps for primary and secondary students ranging from Science to English.

    Educational apps targetting schools, is currently a niche market. Let me know if you are interested

  • hi

    i have to agree with you. you did not specify age group in your first post!

    i am very interested in this market as i mostly do educational apps myself, however my target are preschoolers, as this is the best age where moms are willing to pay for an app.

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  • You are right, I probably should have specified the age group.

    Isn't the preschool market oversaturated?

    Well good luck with your apps!

  • Hi empowering

    I cant see the app your link don't work properly, please send another link, I'm interested...



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  • just remove the "space" after https://


    Never mind ... thee site doesn't finish loading ....

    The future of eduction, as we know it, is ..... dark.

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