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  • Hello. First of all apologies for the language barrier, I do know some english but I might have a few mistakes, so excuse me forehand.

    I'm a guy from Spain and I'm almost 28 years old. I grew up playing videogames like many of you did at a point where nowadays I know for sure that I want videogames to be a part of my life. I want to make videogames my job.

    I work fulltime 40h a week in a very bad schedule. My daytime job takes pretty much all day away from me from 9.00AM until 21.00PM that I arrive home. I do live with my girlfriend and I need and want to spend quality time with her so that leaves me with barely no time to use in my small passion that I discover not so long ago, which is creating games; just a few hours a week.

    I'm a C2 beginner, learning also how to create some very basic pixel art with my little knowledge and it is also my first time creating or even thinking about a game design, so sometimes it does feel way too overwhelming and I want to give up my dream that someday I might be able to quit my job (or at least work less hours) and make this a way of living.

    This is what I'm working on currently:

    The reason I create this is because I need to find users that feel the way I feel. People that share my passion and perhaps their daytime job doesn't fullfill their happyness and they want to do something different. I want to find you and ask you if you will join me and together we could make something great.

    I'm gonna quote here David Siller from Crash Bandicoot and what he told me: "It takes a village to raise a child!". Go find more people like you!

    So that's what I'm doing:

    I'm looking for someone that can programm either in C2 or any other engine (even if a beginner like me, but you need the guts, the energy and the passion to improve and learn every day) and a 2D Artist. As for myself I want to take the roll of the game designer, level design, and probably will tackle as well the basic music and help with whatever I can in both coding and art.

    I'm inspired mostly by the 16bits era platformers like Sonic and Dynamite Heady from Mega Drive, Super Mario from NES and SNES and specially from the 3 big ones from PSX 32bits era; Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Medievil among others. My preference are platformer or metrodvania games but I'm up for whatever you're up to.

    Let's make something happen. Contact at smilehlolz gmail.com

    Thank you.

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  • Hi Smileh!

    I am in a very similar situation, working solid 40 hours a week (at least). I am also a beginner, when it comes to C2 (and HTML5 games). I have did a bit of coding with HTML, CSS and JS in the past, but strictly for websites. I also have some experience with RPG Maker VX, VX Ace and MV (the last being very limited).

    I would be interested in working with you on some projects, if you want and if you could share a bit more info on how I can help.

  • I would be interested in working with you on some projects, if you want and if you could share a bit more info on how I can help.

    I'm just interested into creating a tight team. Not looking for any specific help. All I want is to get along with 1/2 more people and create a small team, talk, debate and brainstorm to get out a game together as a team, it will be like having a child.

    Let's not take this lightly. I'm death serious about a project, I do not want someone that gives up easily or that lacks motivation and passion. This is going to be a long journey, posibilities are that we throw away our first prototypes because we come up with a better idea.

    I will go even further. Experience would be great. I'd love someone with some games already finished and polished in C2, but I can't ask for that (alltho they're welcome). So knowing mostly all of us will be beginners, the most important stuff is the PASSION and willing to go further, learn, improve and make this your job if you work hard enough for it.

    Question is, do you see yourself working on your game daily or at least more than 10hours a week, researching and improving by yourself to fill your role in the team since everyone is gonna have a different role and job.

    If you're commited to it, we could talk

  • I do have the motivation and I don't give up, once I decide that I will do something. I can't guarantee daily work (I do have a day job, a girl friend and personal commitments), but I will be able to work 10 or more hours a week on a game, yes.

    I assure you that I don't take this lightly. I don't like letting people down and if I say I'll do something, I do it.

  • Well, we will keep in touch in a few weeks and keep this thread going. My plan is to start early 2017.

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