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  • CreaByte Studios is working on Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode.The game is centred in a black and white world, with coloured protagonists who find this world has ancient history which will take the player on a journey through the universe's conundrums.

    The Team

    Our team is currently composed of 10 members, giving their all for this project.

    • 1 Game Director/Designer
    • 1 narrative co-writer
    • 1 Level + Puzzle Designer
    • 1 Programmer (looking for a second)
    • 2 Artists
    • 2 Animators
    • 1 Composer/ Sound FX Engineer
    • 1 Social Media/Community Manager

    The Role

    We're looking to speed up development starting in 2016, so we're currently recruiting a programmer. The programmer will work mostly with Character-oriented programming(character navigation, combat, character systems). The programmer will actively work alongside our Level programmer and other Game Designer. Due to the scale of this project, a C2 Personal Licence is required, remove most of the limitations.

    Target Platforms

    PC, Mac, Linux are our targeted platforms, with possible Mobile ports. Time will tell how much we want to focus on that possibility.

    Revenue will be shared between all team members as well as a startup for CreaByte Studio as a full time studio. Any members will be offered the opportunity to remain in the team.


    We're currently a 0$ development team working on our free time and showing our passion towards this project. We're exploring crowdfunding as well as other funding possibilities and opportunities through contacts we've made.

    Our most recent appearance was at the Microsoft Game Dev Camp in Lisbon, 2015.

    Besides what is below, more info can be found on our website.


    Contact us at with a show case of your work, or leave a reply below with your own contact.


    Quick Test Demo:

    And happy holidays!

  • I'd gladly help on this program..

    I sent you a PM on this site..

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  • I'd gladly help on this program..

    I sent you a PM on this site..

    Hey LittleStain! Sorry for the delay on contacting you, we'll have someone get in touch with you today

    Or if you want a faster contact, send us a message at creabytestudios(at)gmail .com

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