(Costs to) develop a 2d platformer + level sharing feature?

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  • hi guys,

    lets say i want to hire a freelancer that create a 2d plattformer for me that have a level sharing/editor feature like mario maker. (for sure not so heavy like the mario makers one)

    excluding development of the online backend

    excluding of creating assets

    and from the platformer view just an actor that can walk, jump and move boxes to push buttons. including stuff like collect items like keys or switches to open doors more of less. also no enemies or enemy AI is needed.

    a good example is super dangerous dungeons that is made with stencyl. (google should help you to find it)

    to be more clear lets say simply for example.

    i want a 'clone" of the above named game with the functionality that players can create and submit / download levels.

    im happy for some realistic prices/offers.

    best wishes


  • I could do a super basic editor that uses the existing save state methods for say $200.

    It's all doable, that's just based man hours to implement it.

    That is with the downloadable level being nothing but a text type file with game data.

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  • hey newt,

    thanks for your answer.

    It's all doable, that's just based man hours to implement it.

    for sure all is doable

    a basic level editor with local storage is available already on the marketplace



    very cool 2d platformer templates are also available (im sure everybody know this).

    but the question is not how to get it done partially

    i want to buy/share assets (and commercial templates if needed/wanted)

    and the game programmer have to create/"design" the game.

    the only what i want to have to do alone is to create the "default" maps / offline game and the webstorage backend where the game should be able to access the content via an api (json?) to catch and submit maps.

    best wishes


  • A system like Mario maker is something I've already tinkered with, it's just that the back end is fairly complicated, and requires existing infrastructure.

    Plus if Construct 3 does what we are expecting, external editors may not be worth as much.

  • hey newt,

    from the technical side i dont think there is need to make the map creator on serverside.

    the backend is just for store the map and some other (social) features like upload, download, voting, stats and so one...

    maps should created from inside the game. (like i sad in the example of "basic level editor" that you can buy in the marketplace.

    there must be "just" something like a (for example) json data like request/post stuff to/from a webserver somehow. seems that WebStorage works simmilar (or is the solution)

    even if not. tell me if im wrong, but js pugins can be used/made for this too.

    i dont see any issues on that point.

    best wishes


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