How much would it cost a facebook game

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  • Good day.

    I've just joined this web site. I'm very interested in the games im seeing.

    I'm looking for orientation for buying games. I have a online store and I would like to get people to my facebook funpage with a game campaing. What I would like is to get a game customized and then deployed into facebook that helps me gain fans.

    Is there any game out there for sale. I would need the game customized into spanish and with my brands in it. I'm a developer so maybe I can do that my self.

    I would apreciate any guidance, help or offer.

    Thank you.

  • Without the spanish translation, I can make that for you.

    Pm me with an offer (What kind of a game? How much would you like to pay ? Do you have already images for it ?). I�m a professionel developer but I would like to make it home which means it will be very cheap for you.

  • I can make it depending on what you want, I could do translation in spanish as im bilingual on both eng spa, but im not very good at drawing graphics i can do programing no prob here is one of my games published on play store


  • Hey-- you can pretty much pick a price and pay as much as you like. I have a simple one now that i am setting up to load as a Facebook App and have less than $200.00 in it not counting my labor as of today < got lucky and found an ssl certificate on sale for $4.99 instead of the regular $50.00 so, that helped a lot. >. The labor is the expensive part. Days quickly become weeks, and it seems like it is going to go on forever with nothing to show sometimes-- but, i will say this: C-2 is hands down the best Dev-Platform i have ever, ever used for this type of thing. Good Luck !!! && kind regards, mark-p.


  • Thank you all for your reply.

    Ill contact all of you by PM.


  • Hey,

    I cant sent PMs as i dont have enoght points it says. Could you email me fm AT

    Thank you.

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  • for sure ;)

  • Please guys. The system wont let me send PMS:(

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