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  • Sometimes you need help to create your game, could be some graphics, programming or music/sounds and when you pay to someone you want to have no problems in the future because of that "thing" you paid.

    So the question is: How can i contract someone to do something and have the security to dont have problems in the future? i mean have something signed with clear rules.

    I wanted to create a post here because in the future with all the info we collect we can create a stickie or something like that so the people who pay and the people ho sell can be better informed.

    Thanks and regards,

  • You can use this basic contract template

    Edit: you requested to use the file, you should make a copy (File > Make a Copy)

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  • I already ask for access but, how do you sign this? i mean is secure? shouldn't be with an intermediate like freelancer page or something like that?.

  • Make a copy, fill your information, then send to the other person and he fills his part. You can insert your signature as an image

  • 7Soul i can't make a copy i already send like 3 request.

  • Have you tried copy-pasting the text in a text document?

    Personally, I recommend you get a lawyer, preferably one specializing in contract law, to look it over. Particularly international contracts are a bit more complex and you want your bases covered, particularly the areas important to you. "legal advice" from people who aren't lawyers should never be considered legal advice. And lawyers don't give legal advice on Internet forums as it can get them disbarred. And you can't practice law without a license.

    Good freelancers / small companies will have contracts of their own. You can work with those as well. Just make sure you know what you're signing. A lawyer will be handy here as well. They're not as expensive as people think and they save you a lot of money and trouble.

    I use pdfs that can be filled in online, using Adobe Echo Sign. A lot easier than printing, signing by hand, then scanning and recompiling the contract.

  • I still can't see the document because i don't have access so i can't copy paste or printscreen or anything.

    Right now i don't need the lawyer i mean i have few money to contract i can't use it just for a lawyer.

    I want to contract a freelancer and make sure i will have no problems in the future that is why maybe a freelancer website or something like that could be secure and easy to do.

    Just wanted to know if someone have some experience in this kind of things.

  • Now i have access, i read it.

    So the company pays to the client for elements and the client still have the permission to use it for his own?

    Someone already used this template, it works?

    Someone had problems with the company or the client? what happend?

  • Haven't looked at this contract, but I guess the contract gives the artist the persmission to use the elements in his portfolio and/or as promo material for his service. Your not able to resell it unless you create the elements under an no-exclusive license (doubt anyone would agree to something like that).

  • Hi,

    I study law.

    Basically all you need as a developer is the permission from the artist to use his stuff, which is automatically protected by intellectual property rights, in your project under conditions you both agree on.

    I don't like the use of company because i have doubts you are a company at all, that means a moral person.

    You can use a sui generis contract for profit share (there a are a lot of stuff on the internet you can get inspired by). Just don't forget to write about the designation of the court in case of litigation and write about the case if one of the parties don't accomplish its prestations. Because just saying that the artist must deliver stuff without mentioning the consequences in fact of non delivering is just you know....bluff.

    Anyway. I don't want to enter the details because i study in Belgium and here is a different law system from the common-law (uk/america)

  • Now i have access, i read it.

    So the company pays to the client for elements and the client still have the permission to use it for his own?

    Someone already used this template, it works?

    Someone had problems with the company or the client? what happend?

    Depends. He has the right to use his art in his portfolio for instance. But if it's exclusive art (and in most of cases it is) he cannot use it in a different project.

    At your level of production it works, i mean if you have the money go a lawyer. If not this contract will be fine.

    Many people had problems yep. But many of them haven't had them. Once again, at your level you will lose more money suing someone especially if they are freelancers or low revenue profile persons.

    For me those kind of contrats are, you know. Like a good hand shaking. And can work only if the 2 parties are in the same country. If i'm in belgium and you are in US bouahahah you can always try to get me. It will const you thousands of dollars.

  • So you recomend if i have money to go for a lawyer and if it is possible to try contract someone of the same country.

    There is a way to contract someone for some art and have all the rights of that art and he can't use it for other game / whatever to use it or to sell it to other people / company?

    I know im thinking too much but... if i won lot of money and this artist want to use it to won money could be a problem.

  • Yes there is a way to do so. What you will write in the agreement matters. That's called exclusive licence.

    If you won lots of money and paid the artist once as you both agreed he can't do anything. Unless it's profit share, then you will have to pay him the accorded percentage.

    If he uses the art in other commercial projects and not in his portfolio only you will write a letter of formal notice and then use cease and desist action if he does not obey.

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