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  • Hi!

    We're eagerly looking for a lead HTML5 game developer to take the lead on developing out some sports-based educational games. Ideally this person would:

      Have a strong grip on both visual game design (using Construct2) AND coded game design (using ImpactJS or similar engine)
      Have previously created professional-grade HTML5-based games that incorporate API data-driven content
      Knows how to develop "action" games in HTML5 that can scale well from low-end to high-end target devices (in this case, mostly desktop, not mobile.)
      Experience integrating HTML5 games (Construct2 or ImpactJS) into an AngularJS or Backbone structure
      Live in the NYC metro area and can come into the office for reviews and meetings on a regular basis (located in southern ct / fairfield county: about 45min north of Manhattan.)

    If you feel your capabilities match the above, please PM me with a copy of your cv, some example portfolio items and what your contract rate expectations are. We are looking to move on this position within the next few weeks and we anticipate that this would be a full-time role throughout the duration of the contract.


    • Corey
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