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  • Hi, my name is Ossama 'skymen' Jouini. I have been using Construct since 2014 and I have recently decided to officially start a consulting service for Construct projects.

    I have helped many people in the past, including big games like Hypnospace Outlaw.

    I also developped many big addons, and wrote a lot of big courses and tutorials.

    You can check my portfolio here:

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need help for your Construct project and I'll try to do my best :)

    You can also reach out right here in the forums, via discord at skymen#8098, via email at skymen75019 at gmail dot com or via twitter at skymen75

  • Hello Skymen,

    I have an important Construct 2 project going that requires the use of a cell phone or tablet

    camera. In many cases, poor lighting requires the use of the cell phone or tablet FLASHLIGHT.

    The Construct 2 "User Media" plugin works great, except, when I go to my cell phone menu and

    activate the built in FLASHLIGHT feature within the cell phone, this turns OFF the Construct 2

    "User Media" camera itself. I am not able to get BOTH working together.

    This has been very frustrating and I have posted several forum requests for help, without a real

    solution. Including to Scirra direct, asking them to ADD the FLASHLIGHT FLASH ON and OFF function

    to the existing "User Media" plug in.

    What I need is ANY solution, including script I can run using the "Browser" plugin, which will allow

    my project to TUNR ON and OFF the cell phone or tablet FLASHLIGHT without conflicting with the Construct 2 "User Media" camera plugin.

    I found java script which works to turn on the camera FLASH, but always turns OFF the Construct 2

    "User Media" camera itself..

    I am hoping to find someone who can create script that can DETECT if a camera FLASHLIGHT is available

    and then turn it ON and OFF without turning OFF the Construct 2 "User Media" camera.

    My preferred solution would be if someone could ADD the FLASHLIGHT functions to the existing Construct 2

    "User Media" plugin itself, so as to simply it for myself and many other users.

    I am willing to pay for this service..

    Please contact me or reply to this posting...

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  • Hi, thanks for your request.

    We've been talking through emails, and I sent you the addon :)

  • Hello Skymen,

    I am having trouble getting that ADD ON to work with the BACK Facing camera.

    The project you posted works GREAT on the FRONT facing camera, I can get the video

    stream and light working, however, no matter what I try, I am having trouble getting the

    BACK camera on any cell phone to turn ON or OFF the FLASH..

    Please test it on the BACK camera and let me know what you find.

  • Sure, I'll do some more research and tell you what I find.

    EDIT: Found the issue, I'll send you the new version via email.

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