Construct Developer and Composer/Sound Designer Needed

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  • C2 Developer and a Sound designer needed to work on an unannounced game.

    It would be great if the candidates live in Hamburg - Germany, but it's not mandatory. However, should be able for remote work.

    We are looking for someone committed, organized and responsible, able to accept challenges and turn them into successful results. Someone who can teamwork and learn from good and bad experiences as well.

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer a salary yet till the project is finished, but we can offer you a team, someone to work with, and the possibility to stick with us and see together what's coming in a future.

    We consider ourselves persons who loves art and videogames and we believe in what we do. We are friendly, professional and we are looking for kindred people.

    For further information, please send me a private message.


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  • Your post title and your post content seem to be two entirely different things.

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback Sbucci, I edited the post a little bit!


  • 1) Can we learn more about the project?

    2) How old are you in the team?

  • Bump.

  • I am a Sound Designer and Music Producer. I am dedicated and if you need me, I'm an email away! -

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