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  • About project:

    I'm looking for a professional programmer/developer willing to work on a profit share basis.

    This proposal is for one ongoing project, that I want to finish. Please feel free to download and test it to ensure, that it has potential and it's worth your time. You can find the game at It's fully functional and nearly finished first episode of a game (although you will need some hint for control, because it was changed ? use LMB to move in a given direction, CTRL to shoot enemies, and P for pausing).

    I plan to add at least two more episodes with different environments, new enemies and some puzzle.

    About me:

    I'm professional designer and illustrator. I switch from webdesign to gamedev not so long ago, but I think I'm quite successful. You can watch my portfolio at Recently I worked on two bigger projects ? OddPlanet and Dungeoneers (it's still work in progress). I enjoy making games, designing every aspect of them ? from game mechanic, through visuals, to sounds.

    Basically I'm looking for someone:

    • Smart and well organized ? someone, who can progress without pressure and make smart design decisions, someone who doesn't try to reinvent the wheel.
    • Independent ? this project won't generate money for some time, so you'd better have some stable income and spare time. Otherwise it just won't work
    • Team player ? we will both share the same Construct2 project.
    • Proactive ? someone who will not olny mindlessly complete given task, but who will be valuable partner, help me in designing and finding solutions

    If you are interested, feel free to contact me at sewer(at)

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  • Your game link doesnt work ? Or is it just me ?

  • My fault, here's proper link:

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