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  • We need someone able to connect an in-house Web API to a Construct3 game.

    It can be done :

    directly in Construct3 event Sheets

    or with a custom Contruct3 plugin (seems to be the best way to do it)

    Call to API needs to sign requests with MD5 encryption. Knowing how to handle MD5 enscryption is mandatory.

    Responses are formatted in JSON.

    Errors needs to be handle in order to display them to the user in construct.

    You also need to add call at the correct place in the already created game.

    Budget : 700$

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  • gidi45

    I would love to help you with this. I have used many projects that use an API and encryption. Please send me an email here:

    For example, my most recent app uses an API that I coded and the encryption you require. You can see it working here

  • Hello,

    Hope you are doing well!!

    I'd glad to assist you.

    Please Reach to me at Email :- or at Skype :- live:carter_1594 so that we can discuss further over there.

    Looking forward to your response son.

    Very Best Regards

    Carter W

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