Composer/Sound Designer (university study) looking for work

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  • Hey guys, I'm a composer and sound designer for games and film. I have a degree in music and am halfway through a degree in sound. I have formal education, unlike many freelancers on sites like these.

    I have worked on 16 games. Two are released and are on Google Play and the Apple Store, five are in development and the rest didn't make it past beta.

    My website is daisyalesoundworks dot com.

    To possible future developers/team members: you get what you pay for. I am happy to work for profit share or on a contract basis, but do not expect free music. It cheapens the whole community.

    If you're looking for sound work done, I'm happy to get my resume to you, as well as put you in contact with some developers I've worked with so you will understand my quality of work, speed and communication skills.



    Composer/Sound Designer

    Daisy Ale Soundworks

    daisyalesoundworks dot com

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