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  • My name is Bryan Wilson and I am a composer looking for work. My strengths are dark, moody, medieval, or any mood where strong melodic phrases are best utilized. I am very able and willing to branch out into other genres if I can see/play the source material. Live inspiration is a very big part of the creation process for me.

    Full Thematic pieces can be heard here (omit the spaces when copy/pasting): / bryan-wilson-52 / sets / video-game-themes

    Action/High Intensity pieces can be heard here: / bryan-wilson-52 / sets / action-pace

    Also, check out my other samples on my soundcloud page!

    Feel free to eply to this thread, or email me: supreuph yahoo[dot]com

    Thank you!

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  • Updated my page with several new pieces! Check out the soundcloud page and give it a listen: / bryan-wilson-52 / sets / video-game-themes (delete the spaces after copy/pasting)

    Feel free to check out the other pieces on my page and leave a comment if you'd like!


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