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  • Hello!

    My name is Nick Stavrides and I'm a music composer looking for commissions.

    I don't have degrees in musical composition but being a huge fan of videogame music and an experienced gamer, I can draw inspiration from all kinds of videogame music.


    I am at my best with soundtracks with great, catchy melody lines, songs that never let the player get bored. My biggest influences are Nobuo Uematsu and Yoko Shimomura as well as various rock and metal bands and composers of the 8 and 16 bit eras.

    I can write ambient and atmospheric songs too, though the former are easier and more interesting for me to make.


    I can write almost any type of music: orchestral, electronic, rock, metal, acoustic etc.

    I can also do 16bit like sounds for retro style games.

    I am also an aspiring game designer and I am currently working on an old-school RPG so I can

    also look at composition from a designer's perspective.


    You can listen to some of my demo tracks on soundcloud:

    Unfortunately the link was removed due to me not having enough "rep".

    My user name is leon_cross_vgm on soundcloud so you can search for me by name.

    This is only a small representation of the sounds I am capable of, since my instrument library is constantly growing to include new professional sounds.


    Since I do not have a degree in musical composition, my rates are a lot cheaper.

    You can pay depending on the time of the song.

    Full Song (3-4 minutes) -- 75$ - A full song will repeat once and have more instruments on the repeat to spice the arrangement and make it more interesting.

    Shorter Song (1-2 minutes) -- 40$

    Jingle (example: Victory theme of an RPG) -- 10-15$

    I can offer discounts if you want multiple songs.

    I will only accept Paypal.

    Before I begin working I have to get paid first at least half of the specified rate.

    I am very fast and will probably finish a full song in one day or less.

    I can and will send you demos along the way to see if you like how I am progressing with the song.

    You can send me a song to use as a reference.

    You can also specify which instruments you want in the arrangement and which you don't.

    If you are interested, send me a PM.

    I look forward on creating some amazing tunes for your games!

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  • It seems I cannot send PMs yet due to low rep points.

    To the user named "nlon" who has asked about sound effects:

    Unfortunately, I am not a sound effect designer, I'm a music composer so I cannot work with you on that!


  • thanks for the reply

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