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  • Hi there my name is Scythuz, video game composer and maker of melodies!

    I would like to offer to make music for your game! Music that sounds kind of like this!

    As you can probably tell from those samples, I can write in a lot of different styles.

    I'm very adaptable and I'm always looking to try new styles so if what you're after isn't there,

    don't hesitate to ask for a free sample track or to see if some of my music over here, works with your game.

    Branching out into new styles is a challenge I am always up for.

    Here is my website

    My prices are a negotiable fee of $20 per minute, $10 for 30 seconds or less.

    The price depends entirely on the track and I am very open to negotiation if you are not sure.

    If you absolutely want an exact price with no fuss then here are the detailed prices:

    Non-commercial games:

    less than 30 seconds: $10

    30 seconds to 1 minute: $20

    1 minute to 2 minutes: $40

    2 minutes to 3 minutes: $60

    3 minutes to 4 minutes: $80

    and so on....

    Commercial games:

    Add $10 to each except for less than 30 seconds which would be $15

    Soundtrack deals for commercial games are available at 10 tracks or more. 15 tracks or more for non-commercial, message or email me for details.

    Now you're probably wondering, why should I work with Scythuz?

    Well that's a tricky but necessary question and I will do my best to sum it up for you:

    Comfortable with a wide range of styles

    Willing to work at a fast or slow pace depending on your deadlines

    Enthusiastic personality and always interested in the game itself too, not just the music

    Low prices and tracks come fully mixed and mastered for free

    Very open to feedback both musical or non-musical in nature

    Free sample tracks available to those who are unsure

    Able to be professional or informal in approach depending on what your prefer

    Soon I'm hoping to be able to post actual game-play of some of the games I've done music for

    and to elaborate more on the projects I've already worked on or that I am currently working on.

    You contact me via the personal message system on this site, if you like we can also stay in touch via email or skype but I will need to be messaged and asked about this first of course.

    I hope to work with you soon!

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  • If you want a job for a new game im making, email

    Mind you, this is a console PC game

  • I gotta say, I'm surprised no one else has commented on here already. You've got talent, mate! Your work oozes with style, and even the 8/16-bit style pieces are catchy (which is a lot rarer than most think).

    I'd love to have a few of your pieces to liven up anything I'd be working on.

  • Thank you :)

    I've updated the original post with my new portfolio, website and prices.

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