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  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Bryan Davis and I have a love for good games and great music! I work full time as a game composer, and love every minute of it. Music is something special, something magical. Whether we realize it or not, music has a huge impact on our attitudes and emotions. When someone is angry, often times they will listen to music that drives their anger even further. When at peace, many people will turn to soft strings or pianos to drift further into their blissful state. Sometimes, when people are having a bad day, they turn to uplifting and inspiring music to try and bring themselves out of the mire they’ve found themselves in. Our attitudes dictate the music we listen to and, in turn, the music we listen to dictates our emotions.

    Emotions, that is the role of music in video games. To create an emotional landscape for the player to dive into. As a composer, it is my job to create that atmosphere. To use my powers of audio manipulation to control the very emotions of every soul that plays your game (I feel so powerful!). Music is my passion, it’s what drives me as I journey through life. Here on this thread I'd like to share some of my music. I do hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you’d like to enlist my musical powers for your worthy cause (Gaming is a very worthy cause!), simply send me a message and tell me about your project. Most of my work is orchestral, but I do have a few chiptunes in my portfolio. If you don't hear what you're looking for, message me anyway. I love trying out new styles and am always looking for a new challenge to tackle! My rates vary depending on the project, but will usually fit any budget. So let's join forces, and together we shall conquer the world! Or…well…at least a small corner of the gaming world. Yes, that, we shall conquer!

    Demo Reel -

    Portfolio -

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  • Wow... i see images when i hear your music. The music tells a story.

    You are very good, Thanks haha.

  • Wow... i see images when i hear your music. The music tells a story.

    You are very good, Thanks haha.

    Thanks! I put a lot of emotion into my music, so knowing that someone else can feel it really means a lot to me =D

  • Everything has led to this one moment. You have climbed mountains and traversed valleys. You have crossed wide oceans and vast deserts. You have defeated every foe he has thrown in your path. And now, he descends from above. The power of a god in the embodiment of a man. Your hand tightens on the hilt of your sword as you prepare for this, the ultimate battle.

  • Your heart fills with gratitude as you watch your company of men form ranks and prepare to face the enemy. They have followed you since the beginning and now, there they stand in this once peaceful valley, ready to meet the enemy head on. The peace is shattered by something in the distance, growing louder and louder by the second.

    The drums.

    The drums of war.

  • Started working on a new game this week. It promises to be an RPG of epic proportions!

  • Hidden away in the misty forest sits the city that time itself forgot. Dust and leaves cover the once vibrant streets as moss slowly covers the walls of buildings that were abandoned long ago.

  • We all have a path we walk in life. For some people, that path leads them to become great leaders. Others may find the road they walk a little less grand, yet filled with wondrous pursuits. Regardless of where the path leads, it is up to us to find joy in what it brings. But there comes a time when the path shifts unexpectedly, and adventure is replaced by daunting responsibility. With the eyes of a kingdom upon you, do you have what it takes to boldly traverse your new path?

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