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  • Hi, I'm Kinetik, and I compose music for various types of games. I'm an audio engineering graduate from SAE, and I'm able to work with various genres (orchestral, electronic, ambient, etc.) for the best fit for your project.

    Here's a sample of some of my works so that you can check out my work:

    False Elergy OST:


    Japanese Battle track:

    Chiptune track:

    You can check out the rest of my soundcloud for other samples of my work!

    I'm available to work as a Sound Designer/Composer/Audio Engineer, so whether you're interested in getting custom music/SFX or just having someone mix/master your audio, hit me up with a PM/email if you're interested and we'll see how it goes from there! Pricing-wise I'm pretty flexible, and you can contact me through my email at !

    Thanks for the time, and I'm looking forward to working with you!

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  • Contact me : mili.abdel(at)

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