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  • I've had my game released on everything but IOS for some time now, trying to get the IOS version done through virtualization with no luck yet.

    I can pay 50USD for someone to just take the xcode project output by Cocoonjs and compile it into an IPA to upload.

    I can't reply to PMs for some reason so PM me your contact info or e-mail (remove the 999) if interested.

  • rrosai I think you may be out of luck. I have only compiled one app for ipad however, I found I need a real iOS device attached to itunes that was known/authorised with Apple etc etc. What I can tell you is that using vwmware workstation 9 and Lion you can get it to work using virtual Apple.

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  • i have a macbooc pro running lion

    we can try this and btw you dont need to pay me ;-)

    Drop me the code i will try my best

    edit :

    oh yeah i forgot you have to pay a dev license to compile with that .

    i compiled a test project to an Ipa file maybe this works

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