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  • Hey all,

    I've been using C2 for a very long time already and have a nice little team going, but it's clear we need to expand as we move onwards and upwards.

    So, I would like to just get comfortable working with some other C2 users over an SVN. I am not asking you to join our team, but just knock about and make some small games together so I can gain more experience with a cooperative environment. At the moment, I handle all the logic and the sound and art guys handle their thing, so I haven't really had to worry about it before (had a few early teamworks, but we never really settled into a standard).

    I'm extremely comfortable using C2, but my weak points are advanced maths and polishing details like exact window placements and collision boxes (not that I can't, I just really loathe it).

    So if you're competent with C2 and would like to try bashing out some quick cooperative projects for fun, let me know :) If we work well together I would like to continue working with you, but that is by no means a prerequisite or promise.

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  • johnnyl7x - replied! It would be good if PMs also gave notifications.

  • What's a SVN, friend?:)

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  • Beaverlicious - it stands for Sub Versioning Network. It makes it so two or more people can work remotely on the same project.

    Here is a tutorial to set it up, a little complicated though. I got mine set up the other say, but still have no-one to test it with :(

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