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  • I have just put up a new (and large) set of music stems and mixdowns for use in games, videos, etc:

    This content has been published under a commercial-use Creative Commons Licence and you can download, edit and do pretty much what you want with it to remix and get something suitable for you own project.

    Some of these stems will make perfect SFX if cut up. There's some good sounds for bouncing balls, bats and many other things. You are not limited to using it for music. ;-)

    There's more details on the page but I'm posting an extract from the page for quickness. This is also an experiment to try to help me to continue helping other indies...

    <font color=blue>The only thing you must do is give credit to me in your credit roll or other description or notes page. The exact attribution must be "Music by Bob Noble (1BillionHex)". There is no need to add links to my site or this SoundCloud set.

    That said, to help me provide more of these packs and buy food to live on, I have set-up this experiment:

    I have a number of albums published (not licensed under the Creative Commons). I hope to use any revenues from the sale of that music to provide for myself, my family and to support my efforts to help other indies along the way.

    The experiment:

    Each time I sell 100 tracks from my own catalogue (not albums), I shall publish another bundle like this one. Of course, I am not asking anyone to buy 100 tracks themselves, this will be a running total of each track that is sold. Each of these content packs will, of course, be unique and possibly a completely different style. These packs will all be licensed under the same terms. I will also publish "all rights reserved" music but all Creative Commons content will be clearly marked to avoid confusion.

    These 100 tracks will only be counted from sales directly purchased via CDBaby. You are under no obligation to purchase any content to use the content in this pack but if you wish me to make more, then you can help me to help you. Each time I see 100 of my tracks sold via CDBaby I will compose, arrange, record and publish another set. If someone purchases an entire album from my catalogue on CDBaby, the total number of tracks will be added to the running total of eligible sales.

    You can view this catalogue at:

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