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  • Hi All,

    New to the forum/site. I design software for a living and have an oppertunity to design and build a game.

    I want this game to be launched on Facebook initially and connect a payment system to it so that users can purchase upgrades and the like. I have already signed up for the acount (used in games such as Total Domination orn Facebook).

    I will be the business and organisational lead on this project. I am looking for a team of like minded, focused and tallented individuals to "pitch in" sort of speak.

    It's a voluntary and collaborative project (hence this is not in job section) but you never know, if we get this off the ground and profits are made my intention is to % share the profits amongst the poeple that get involved and maybe even start a games software house...

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

    Is there any talent out there (which I can see there is!) that can program a game using construct2 together with (to collect payments) that is an isometric sim game. There will be pixel building artwork such as a range of residential, commercial and industrial buildings to be placed in a isometric style map (roads etc).

    As I said, the game it's self is a simulation, one which looks to be missing from facebook (for example) which could, if we manage to pull it off, fruitful for all involved.

    May be you have some example code for a point and click UI etc that you may have lready created that could be expanded on?

    Any takers? Any one interested?

    Thanks for you time folks!


  • Do you have a working capital that even though you aren't going to spend anything on the people 'collaborating' for you, you will be able to pay for anything the game requires, such as hosting, domains etc.

  • Hi Rory,

    A very good question!

    A little more about me in that case...

    I own a start up company called symphonylogic ltd. No money yet coming in but I have all the business infrastructure in place.

    I own a white lable through a hosting company and can set up and host an unlimited amount of websites/accounts, either win/linux, unlimited data transfer / email / mysql. So we are good to go in that respect.

    I can set up our own FTP server (I have one in the office currently not being used that was allocated to this project) so we can all have access to it.

    I am a systems designer by trade and know most lanaguage and can easily set up the online system for the other end of the game (e.g. any databases required, payment authorisation mechanisms, security etc).

    What I lack is a way in to Facebook and thought construct2 might just be able to offer it... with a little collaborative support from anyone wishing to take a plunge and work on a game I have already designed, story boarded and worked out the economic system.

    Why dont I do this myself? As you can imagin it takes a lot to run a business, run the backend systems for these games and therefore I have put the alert of for like minded people to (a) become lead 2d artists, (b) construct2 lead programmers and (c) sound and music leads.

    It's a big ask but I am not taking 100% but a share like anyone else involved in this making.

    The idea and concept is sound, not done in Facebook AND monitising the game is very much feasible (e.g. by purchasing in game credits to speed processes up in the game etc) from both a user and advertisers perspective.

    I should point out any one interested would have to sign a non disclosure agreement - but dont let that put you off, it's just a document that says "thout shall not copy the idea" and signed by you. Easy! and standard stuff.

    I'd love for this project to start as I see the oppertunity right in front of us.

    Any other questions please do ask!


  • What I'd do is get a local art school or any school with game artists taking their diplomas and get interns to work for myself cheap.

    Online collaborative projects without any monetary payments normally take either a very long time to finish, or just end up vaporware.

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  • Thanks Rory, I appreciate your input. Yes I can well imagin a lot of project turn in to vaporware... it's a sad fact.

    I work for myself, started a year ago, and every project I turn my hand to does not fail and it does get completed... but as you say some do take longer than expected and some do fail.

    I can but try.

    In this case I am looking for a programmer... I have a business lead, a 2d artist lead too and we are all set to start.

    I like the idea of using interns and I have used a site called before for some website development work... but in this case the project is a little bigger and bolder and hence it's a share in the potential profits from launching a game on Facebook that I offer.

    I have a graphics designer on board too now (as I collect people who are interested and someone just confirmed as I search today for tallent :) ) who I know so the market designing is going to start within a week or so.

    So it's a call out for talent who's up for a challenge and potential returns ... Look at the games designers of yesteryear... Bullfrog? Remember them? Bitmap Brothers ? codemasters? All started with a bunch of like minded people with no budgets.

    But seriously thanks for your input, it's great the forum has "guiding" hands.... and as your tag states...

    "let's make some games"


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