[CLOSED] Dev for adding Controller Setup

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  • Thank you for the replies! I believe I should be able to find someone from the replies so far, thank you.


    [PAID] Dev for adding Controller Setup & Bug Fixes

    Hoping to find a developer who understands Construct 2 enough to help put in a controller setup menu, fix some bugs in my game, and hopefully clean up the code a little bit.

    The controller setup will be something like this:

    • Controller setup menu can be guided by mouse, WASD, or controller 1.
    • Decide how many players (1-4).
    • Game detects keyboard, mouse, or controller plugged in.
    • That detected device gets added to the "pool" of selectable devices.
    • Decide which device will be used for each player. Keyboard will have four options: WASD, up/down/left/right, TFGH, or IJKL. Up to four controllers can be connected.
    • Selected device will need to follow that player throughout the game.

    If this sounds like something you or your team can handle, PM me a quote and time estimate.

    All assets are already added into the project. Detailed wireframes will explain how everything should run, including what bugs are currently plaguing my project.

    Your name(s) will be added into the credits as well. Payment via Paypal is preferred.

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  • Just a quick update to avoid confusion - the controls are already in the game, I just need a controller setup screen.

    There's pretty much just one big event sheet for "gameplay," then a couple other sheets just for basic screens. So that might need some reorganizing. Thanks! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Sent a DM! :)

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