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  • My latest game is nearly complete!

    No longer Taking requests.


    Time to roll in some sound.

    I need a techno/electric soundtrack that loops and sounds nice even when sped up. (the audio in the game gets faster over time)

    I also need some related sounds that fit in with the soundtrack when buttons are pressed and such. (very simple sounds, actually probably only 1-2 short sounds)


    I have some placeholder images.

    I need to step things up.

    Not 100% certain on if I need to hire for art just yet.

    However, if you can draw lines you could get the job.

    I need about 8 lines drawn. Each line is 100pixels by 300 pixels.

    Some sort of tron like look is desired, and the lines would fit together nicely.

    Also a background image. Something to fit the theme. Might just do a sort of black with stars that scrolls.

    -----------Contact Me-----------

    No longer Taking requests.

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  • hello , im a composer add me on facebook and we'll talk about it!


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