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  • I am looking for someone to write some classic arcade games. I am looking for the following games.


    Galaga or space invaders


    platform game

    The games are going to be mounted in a old style arcade game machine, with joystick, button etc. I will work on those interfaces.

    There will need to be start screen that will allow player to login under their name and create a basic player profile that they can access later.

    Games will have a unique feature that they will use red/green glasses so that player will view part of game with one eye and other with the other eye. e.g.: Pacman: both eyes see walls, one eye sees ghosts and dots, other eye sees pacman and bonus.

    At the start menu the player will select which eye is dominant eye. Also at the start menu it will reduce the contrast in the dominant eye to a user defined amount. 5-100% reduction. This dominant eye and contrast will be used for the entire game play until saved. Players can move between different games if they want.

    game will save highscores for all players in each game.

    Michael Nelson

  • Do you know which colours should be used RGB, to get the correct results on the screen you are intending to use?

    Making the games should be possible, but without the correct values for the specific screen the red green glaases would be useless.

    The use of colours would be limited too offcourse if you want certain things to completely dissapear from sight, but I guess that's part of the plan.

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  • Hi, I made a color screen test

    You can test with your glasses

    Left and right arrows for change "Blue"

    Up and down arrows for change "Red"

    Space key to change the background color

    Works with Firefox / Chrome

  • Hi. I came across this by accident and I have done three (?) of the four ; Pacman, Galaxians and Frogger ; see my blog at ; I have been cloning (ish) games as a learning experience in C2.

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