CiaHStudios 2DArtist&Animator + Event Coder(Release Payment)

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  • Team Structure

    Era(Myself) – Founder, Writer, Game Director

    eXelon – Content Designer

    Berga – 3D Artist/2.5D Animator

    Arphalia – Sound Director, Composer.

    Rafeal - 2D Artist/2.5D Animator

    Lazslo - Programmer/Scripter

    Talent Needed

    1 Dedicated Concept Artist(additional animation experience is a plus);

    1 Programmer/Scripter(Based on Event-Scripting)


    http:// catinahatstudios .wix. com /home

    Contact Method

    CatinaHatStudios gmail. com

    Previous Work by Team




    Audio Composition

    Project Info

    Team name

    Cat In A Hat Studios(non-registered)

    Project Name

    'Project Color'

    Target Aim

    Under Discussion

    Compensation Plan

    Keep your work and use Project Color in a possible Showcase Portfolio. If we go for a monetized business plan, you will get x%(The sum will be equally distributed between development members as well as any future potential studio development needs).


    GameDevelop(GDevelop, open-source) <--- Game Engine, Event-System is similar to Construct's

    Additional softwares may be included/updated.

    Additional Info

    This is a long-term project, one we'd like to see from beginning to end(release) and even beyond. We're looking to complete a project, but also start CiaHStudios as an indie studio with fixed members.


    About us

    We're a newly founded virtual indie game development studio developing our first game, with members from different countries but highly communicative between each other.

    This is something we are serious about and look at as a priority. We have a long-term development schedule, as well as a weekly schedule to keep things up to date.

    We're looking for people with a passion about not only playing games, but also creating them. Passion and Commitment are a must and should be what drives every member.

    We embrace cross-development, meaning although we expect each member to know and do his stuff, each of our sub-teams(development areas) are open to feedback and suggestions from other members.

    Cat in A Hat Studios is the gathering of several ambitious and creative people looking to show people the worlds we imagine, and then create.

    We're also very friendly, a team, and we're looking to share this adventure that is CinaHStudios with each other, hopefully something that is long-lasting and that's what we're working towards.

    About Project Color

    Project Color is a project that has been in the works even before the current CiaHStudios came together. We're not open to announce what Project Color is all about just YET, but we can tell you the following:

    It'll be a 2.5D action side scroller.

    Each area of the game's development needs to shine, whether it is Art, Game play and stability, Story-telling, Sound, etc.

    We're about half-way through our Pre-Development Phase, we're missing some concept art and sound related assets. During the Development Phase we'll then be able to start showing off some visual incentives.

    Please take into account we have pretty much everything thought out already(although subject to change and subject to internal, and later on open, feedback), we just lack some talented new members to get the whole 'Steam Train' going.

    Talented Members Needed

    One 2D Concept Artist and Animator

    One Event-Coder - The game engine we will use will be Event Script-Oriented. Actual Coding knowledge however, is helpful, but not entirely necessary.

    If Interested, check our Contact Method above.

    (This thread is a copy from our thread over at

  • So..what's the point of posting it in C2 forums? Event coding means you are familiar with the event engine (in this case C2), GDevelop has another system. Plus there is a whole lot of optimization trick which are specific to the engine.

    By the way, curiousity, how old are you guys?

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  • GDevelop's system is very similar to Consctruct's, thus we decided to check other sources for possible members.

    We're all 21+ with some being 30+, why exactly?

  • If you guys asking someone to invest in you (it's time and their experience in this case) you must prove that you also invested in something. Perhaps it's better to buy a domain and a hosting service to create a website which will not cost mush for you guys. At least it will show to others that you guys (or yourself) are caring (or believing in) about your studios future. It may also prevent questions about your age etc. A "not free" website will not tell about your age but will show how serious you are!

    Also you don't have any previous post, so it will again a negative thing. I may need an idea about you to take it serious.

    And also you may better look in some other forums like specific about GDevelop or a common game development websites.

    May be Uniform is talking about this, may be not but my personal opinion is in this way.

  • Thanks for the input.

    As stated we've reached out to several websites, including GDevelop's, and we've been getting responses.

    As for the website, yes, getting a custom domain is something we're looking at, but just because it's free doesn't mean we're not serious about it.

    I'd rather send an email and ask the project lead to tell me what it's about, what I can do to help, what experience and what they've done so far and then judge whether or not I'll be investing my time and experience in them. I guess I understand what you're saying though, but we're just rooting for common sense.

    We also aim to register our studio sometime soon.

    Thanks again!

  • Well what makes a studio serious is not the site but rather "are you proposing paid positions or not" are your people ready to work 8 hours a day for your game or not.

    If it's no then you are amateur and chances are you will never get your game finished.

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