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  • Ok Christian are you ready to join the next gen of "wisdom tree" type games..

    there is a huge demographic, and also absolutely no competition for this sort of thing.

    Ive been on youtube promoting a beta version of the game and asking top retro game collectors to review this , to drum up some kind of hype and anticipation ...

    The game is very retro also very deep and has a huge emotional impact

    The great thing is we already have one guy on board who works/worked as a designer for the british teletext service (now thats pixel art credentials) WOW... cant believe it ..

    but we need 1 top programmer because i just dont have the experience..i have the vision ..

    Porting this to android ios will be pay day , as this will blow up and be a HUGE looking for some backing by the Church as this game will feature alot of Bible resources and its also based on the Jonah account ..

    get in touch ..

  • I had considered something similar yourself. The use of a game to tell and teach some of the Bible stories, making them interative and to have a game that's more than just entertainment. But the conclusion I came to was that for most Christians, the Bible is good enough in itself to tell these stories and teach. It doesn't require other things etc...

    Nowadays, a lot of Christians will play main stream games, so a Christian 'themed' game may not have such an impact compared to the days of the NES/SNES and Wisdom Tree, with their under developed games.

    I mention this as you've sought backing from a Church, and depending on which country they reside in, they may feel the same way.

  • i agree about the Book, but no believers people wont touch that with a barge im trying to present the book (to them, with no entry level requirements such as the Holy Spirit) for what else it "really is" The very highest Greek and Hebrew parallelism, poetry, allegorical/ metaphysical, sounds a bit more spaced out :P

    i believe we have a pretty unique take on Jonah, using a social networking website called "O.R./C.A." (GET IT ) as the whale(Fish) that consumes you and eventually you end up saving the world :P ...its crazy, but man, what an exciting challenge... i wrote this intro story today in our Churchs food bank ..

    very exicted about this, got 3 of us working on it (the the people who have been helping me on this forum :D so so so so grateful :)) now and thinking of paying some homebrew types in russia(alot)to try and make a sega megadrive version

  • need a sound designer/composer?

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  • Things have slowed down a bit due to my pc breaking but post me some examples of your stuff, In particular were looking for some very space age futuristic chip tune style stuff... here the most recent build of the game

    to inspire you, we have music from 3 people on here at the moment :) which is good

    are you on youtube ?

  • I am an iOS & Android app developer. I might be interested depending on how much organised and determined to finish the project you are and the quality of the visuals

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