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  • Hello everyone! I'm Retro, I'm looking for a job to animate for game developers.

    feel free to message me. 😁


    my discord: TheRetroSkunk#7289



    base sprite: 5$

    Animated Sprite: 4$ Per-frame

    here's the art I've created! :)

    I can do some huds as well.


    Paying me means that you've agreed to the Terms of Service.


    1. after providing you the created sprites, you cannot claim that you made it. Otherwise you'll be black listed.

    2. You are free to edit your commissioned sprites. however, you cannot make it NSFW. Again you'll be black listed.

    3. Other people would need YOUR permission if they wanted to use your commissioned sprites.

    4. BlackListed people cannot commission me anymore. If you were to send me money while being blacklisted, I'll have to refund it to you.

    5. Be polite and patient with me.

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