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6 looping tracks to use in your games and projects. These tracks are in the style of the 1960s detective movie genre.
  • <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><center><font size="6"><font color="green">Music Services</font></font>

    Professional Music Composition


    I�m offering professional-grade music with the option of having an adaptive soundtrack for your game. I�m experienced in a variety of genres, and I love incorporating live instruments into the mix for added realism and a better feel. I can create the type of music you will need: one-off, looping, or adaptive/interactive. For Construct 2, I can even help you with your audio eventing to get the most out of your game�s sound experience.

    Here is my most recent demo reel which contains samples of larger works of mine. It covers everything from solo piano to rock with orchestral and electronica throughout.


    Speaking of adaptive soundtracks, here is an example I made (and composed) of adaptive music working in C2 within a browser. This demo works on decent phones, tablets, and computers using the Web Audio API. It gives a good idea of music incorporated into a project and responding to in-game triggers.

    <font size="4">Adaptive Soundtracks</font>

    Instead of hiding behind a private message wall and to help you designers and producers in your process, I�m keeping my pricing right here for all to see. It is a combination of a reduced per-minute price and a reduced royalty with a cap. It is a slightly more complicated approach, but it ends up fair for a wider variety of projects.

    I charge $120 per minute of original music. I charge $80 per minute for each additional version of a track (in the case of an adaptive soundtrack, which I highly recommend considering). These prices include 2 free rewrites (small modifications are fine regardless) to make sure your music fits exactly what you need.

    I also charge a small royalty, but only if your project is successful enough. I will only accept royalty payments if the per-minute creative fee you paid is less than 20% of your project�s revenue. In addition, once you get past that revenue threshold, my per-minute fee + royalties can never exceed 20% of your revenue regardless of how much music I create for you. I feel this is fair so that I can�t take more than is reasonable from smaller projects, but you can also actually get a better deal for yourself proportionally if your project becomes really successful. At request, I can show you my spreadsheet that I use for quoting that gives a very detailed breakdown of everything.

    Here is the breakdown of how minutes of music translate to percentages:

    • Less than 5 minutes - No royalty!
    • 5 to 10 - 2%
    • 10 to 15 - 5%
    • 15 to 20 - 7%
    • 20 to 25 - 10%
    • 25 to 30 - 13%
    • More than 30 minutes - 15%

    I suspect the majority of projects won�t need to pay any royalties, but this breakdown allows for fair compensation based on how much music is put into the game. Remember, though, that I won�t collect any of those royalties if you don�t make enough revenue for it to be fair.

    I also would help contribute to your funds. I retain the rights to sell the music as a soundtrack album (you can use it as much as you�d like for the game and promotional materials, excepting a soundtrack release), but I will give you a matching percentage of royalties from soundtrack sales equal to the royalty percentage I receive from your game, but without the threshold described above. So even if your game doesn�t make enough to pay me royalties, you�ll still receive royalties from the soundtrack at the rates listed above.

    <font size="4">You can hear even more music of mine on my sites: http://www.adamcreations.com and http://www.adamprack.com

    You can contact me at adamprackigy@gmail.com or via private message on this forum.</font>

    I really look forward to working with you and helping your game be a success!

  • have any funky music

  • have any funky music

    Not as much as the rest, but yes. This is the most recent, though a bit more rock-oriented. I made it during a short-term Overclocked remix competition based on mega man 2 themes.


    And a softer type, but still upbeat.


    In terms of slap-bass and saxophones, though, not quite my strength.

  • not rock oriented and the [light] link doesn't work more like spy class type music or dangerous runner

  • I like the doctor ogselby style

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  • I like the doctor ogselby style

    The link works now, but, no, I skew to a much different type of music than he.

  • that was good just a faster pace would be good well sothing to get somones heart pumping a little faster

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