Got C2 Game Template - Need You to add social/ad elements

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  • Looking for C2 developer who know's what he's doing.

    I have purchased a (web) game template/code built in C2. The code is clean and built nicely. Nothing needs to be change in the game specifically, but it does need the following aspects to be blended in:

    • Integration of advertisement; dynamic JS input/script
    • Addition on social elements, like FB share. Ideally a 'take screenshot and post to timeline' solution, but open to other solutions as well.

    It would be great if you can deliver fast. I definitely pay a fair wage for good skills/work.

    Post RE in here or sent me an email via spmsnijs [at] gmail [dot] com

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  • Hi sbeerio

    We are looking to partner with some game developers to publish their games to Facebook, and we can offer you a great partnership. I will send you an email now!

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