I want a C2 buddy.

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  • May sound strange, but after this Ludum Dare I decided I want to learn to use C2 better. I think teaming up with someone might help me out. You know, to share tips and tricks and stuff.

    Just to see what level I'm at, check out my gamejolt profile and the game's I've made. I'd like to learn from someone that's at a similar or higher level than me. I want to get better at this.


    If anyone's interested, respond to this thread. We could add each other on Skype, make a game together or just play-test each other's games and stuff. I would like this to be an ongoing thing. We'd learn from each other, ideally.

    Sounds weird, maybe, but heh, I hope someone's interested!

    TL ; DR : can i has friend pls?

  • alvarop hey !! sound interesting !! want to add you as my buddy. mail me i will respond you this is my mail id ..

    samblue661 gmail.com

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  • I invited you on GameJolt.

    Always up for Game-Talks, Reviews etc.

  • Hey mate,

    I'd like someone to chat to about C2 programming. I do a lot on RPG systems, like team building and inventories etc., but not so much on visual stuff. If you're interested just PM me your skype!

  • You do nice work!

    I'd love to get to know you more, my skype is Nickorama

    Or you can just PM me your skype!

    My e-mail is

    I'll make a gamejolt profile asap

  • interesting, more friends really can't hurt right?

    my skype is aryadi_p_subagio if you're on twitter (because I'm more active there) follow me here

  • Cool you guys, I added you both!

  • Hi there alvarop,

    Thanks to you I "abandoned reality" lol (Daisy's Dog is dead haha,) I would like to suggest you join the C2 Skype chat group created I think by EncryptedCow (not sure about his username around,) just follow this link to join the group: skype:?chat&blob=zbNkIZO6mvPG2fFDHE-D_2NowmTlBYNfUea8p7VIZk7JOz0YUUo42oS1cLp_9Xdxl3W4XhHyRaq8CxhxGPFn45xzYVkPIu-b07Ry2pNUjCCixEZo5jp3XcNM_SuIU1mcE3fIj42MgLUVjCk81p9qW3YRPhhrPpGtG4EpmXV2v56Uuknj_Kp0yX5_SRNAoXs7WbYuNLyMjIkfH_qxRgNkL89DL37A-R0VKSnTS8duhskBV7d4

    Or just PM me to add you on Skype and to the group. It's a cool place to discuss anything related to C2 ^^

    Another cool place (no chat though) is this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/construct2/

    Welcome any time <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • I'm just going to go ahead and thread jack this thread so I can add it in to my post lists so I can come back here and add my stuff later. I think this is a really awesome idea and I'd love to chit chat about this stuff! This is an awesome idea! I'm not near my phone though at the moment, which has all of my account information on it... I only use this machine for dev stuff and school work and keep all that other info on my tablet and phone. I also hardly use Skype so I don't remember my username off hand.

  • Folks are more than welcome to add me to Skype as well. My username is Jon Welling live .net

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