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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to expand my portfolio of games before Christmas comes around. Therefore, I'm looking for interesting games I can purchase that have not yet been published. I'm a student and just don't find the time to create enough games. However, I'm really good at marketing the games and that is what I want to concentrate my time on :-)

    If you are interested in making some money for your Christmas shopping trips send me a message with screenshots, or a link to the game and let me know what price you have in mind. I'm sure we will find a fair price that we can agree on, I develop with Construct 2 myself and know that it is REAL work.

    All types of games qualify, but make sure it is finished and does not have many bugs/errors :-)

  • I never understand offers like these. "Let me buy your game so I can publish it myself and make all the money while you get a small one-time, up-front payment."

    Am I missing anything?

  • Hi Tokinsom,

    not all games make "all the money", if they do for you please share your secrets with us! :-) I published about 20 games in different app stores and only 2 make "all the money". Some people program games because they like the developing part, however they do not want to spend weeks and months advertising their game on Facebook, Twitter, etc. They also do not want to spend a big amount on mobile advertisements to get the game running.

    Some people are more interesting in selling their game and making sure they receive a payment for their work than making cents a month from Admob because of basically no downloads.

    I think you get the idea of these "offers" :-)

  • I see. I suppose smaller (especially browser or mobile) games would need more progressive advertising, and if devs are busy pumping out a game each month or so then such deals are very convenient. The idea of selling the whole thing for a single payment is just very odd to me, but I'm not familiar with developing small browser/mobile games so eh, sorry for speaking too soon I guess ^^;

    No revenue share is kinda scary though, ya never know just how successful your game could end up.

  • SemiKolon - you might want to check out marketjs.com. It's a place where developers can pitch their web/mobile games to publishers. I know a few C2 developers have put some games up there.

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  • Thank you looks promising :)

  • Hey-- i understand it. I have half a dozen titles ready to go now. Will sell all or some rights. All are geared to feature sponsor advertising spots && are modular to quickly load or change content as needs be.

    -- "http://redflagmobile.com/RedFlagMobile-Projects.html" && i have excellent local references on request. Thanks.

    kind regards, mark pouncey -- owner RedFlagMobileDotCom

    Phone:             404-721-4073        24 / 7 / 365

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