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  • chadnon, as a professional artist i can say it's an interresting idea but i have some questions : what's your role on that team? are you a pro or amateur ? have you already got some experriences on this domain?

    also, i think the team name is not more important than the team members itself so u must have the complete members to finally get an idea all together about the team name, identity, and especially the project plan and the role of everyone on it.

    the artist director idea is also an important side on the game developement, and the same thing about the technical director (this is in the case it's about a big team)

    but maybe for now u just need a good developper, a good artist and a game designer.

    let us know about what (You) can bring for this team and then we see ^^

    Good Luck! :)

  • bladesquad: I thought i said this is a provisos post but maybe i over looked it. Im active duty Military(8 years) as a logistics specialist, which means i work with people, planing, finance and other things. Iam new to Construct 2 (currently working on a project) and working towards a BA in Game development and Interactive Media.If enough people came together could have the possibility of multiple teams. Pros and amateurs working on different projects but working with each other as a whole. Ill be helping with what i can with projects but id be putting myself more on the publishing side. Covering what fees i can, coordinating websites and kickstart for funding. Making sure on projects its a balance of work not one person doing all the work or on the other side some doing none. If in the end im not needed as part of the team, i would step away. id just be happy i was able to bring a team together.

  • Hey Chadnon I'm an semi-professional sound designer, artist and game designer. I have worked with a team before and I would be interested in joining your team if you're still looking for people.

  • Travis: Still looking Travis, Ive had more questions than people interested.

  • To anyone who is interested. could you please email any personal websites so I can have a better of who you are and I can share it with the others interested. my is chadnon85lvn@gmail

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  • I am interested as well Chadnon. I am have a BA in Game Simulation Programming, but my skills are more towards development. I am also newer to Construct 2 and the gaming industry. I am looking to build my experience and portfolio so I am very easy going when it comes down to Ip, team names, and pay. As long as I can put the project on my portfolio I will be happy.

  • I have a Masters in Business Entertainment, so I am familiar with pipeline, and workflow development, communication, etc, and I am artist and recent spriter. I am also familiar with making sound effects and music, not the best, but if you play my first game on my profile, you can hear some of the work I did with my students.

    I'm interested, but "%" in futures, ownership issues, kickstarter funds spent, etc. I have still a ton of questions before I join.

    Also I really want to join a OUYA games team, but C2 needs a OUYA wrapper, so we need a good coder or access to a decent wrapper if we are going to try for their $50,000 USD prize. Of course, making a smaller game is cool too for a smaller kickstarter goal.

    DA ://burning-wood-media.deviantart.com/

  • Sorry I have not gotten back to some of you yet. I'm currently overseas so my internet time and connection is in consistent. Id like to thank everyone for your interest so far and I'm looking forward to developing a team with you.

  • lol thats the last post in like 5 minths

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