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  • Introduction

    We are looking for skilled individuals that are willing to dedicate themselves in getting better and working on astounding projects at an indie level. While we want people who are talented and experienced, something that is so much more important is dedication and passion, so don't hesitate if you have these characteristics. We believe in making games for fun and getting better over making a paycheck since you know only good people make it in the industry or corporations with lots of money to throw.

    Game Concept

    The game we are currently focusing on is called Blasters Online. We made the first engine in C#, but now are moving it over to Construct 2. It will be exclusive to the OUYA and eventually ported to PC, Mac, and Linux. We are making it a couch game as our company name suggests, Couch Knight. It will be a one of a kind type of game that mixes and matches a ton of concepts to make it an innovative experience. For example, we will have Bomberman type of combat with many improvements such as new powerups and abilities including skins, a Pacman type gathering system where you earn points for completing the level in the quickest way possible, and a trinity class system. Some other goodies are included such as local co op, multiplayer online, and a classic/battle mode that will feature many types of mini games. There is a lot more planned as well, this game will not take as long as you think, because our team is used to making MMOs which are a lot harder to make.


    Many of these interface images are out of date, but the concepts are pretty much the same.



    Don't take our word for it, but we have a lot of active projects which are in a long process of completion, but we haven't quit anything we've started - we mostly have just adapted it into a new game or postponed it until more resources are available. We try our best to see things to the end and not give up, it is our defining characteristic as a group of indies. We also like to keep reiterating what we create and make it better - provide long term support for our games even if they aren't a masterpiece. This allows us to keep getting better and provide a better service to our players.


    • You may possibly be working on the project of your dreams.
    • You can expand your portfolio as a game developer to get your foot into the door.
    • We're not professional game developers, but we listen and learn from our failed experiences which drive us forward so that we can get better and learn.
    • We work on our project daily, here to chat if you are struggling on something you are assigned, and always showing ourselves better ways to do things. We’re friendly to work with, don't force you to contribute any amount of hours, and like to have fun.


    If your position is not listed you may still apply. We're always looking for more talented people to work with, but our standards for you will be higher than a position we desperately need.

    • One programmer that excels in HTML, CSS, and PHP. You will be responsible for the website programming and must be able to do WordPress and Invision Power Board including combining the two together/turning a PSD into a theme. This spot will be paid per project basis.
    • One Construct 2 Developer that has a lot of experience in making a clean and organized project, to be easily expanded on and maintained for years. Programming experience earns bonus points and being able to use plugins is a must. Based upon how hard you work on the game with me, will determine how much you get based on game profits.
    • One Game Artist that is able to make art that matches that of Lazy Rocket and Blasters Online. This spot will be paid per project basis.

    Please send me some examples of your work on Skype via Helladen, or just send me a personal message here with examples of your work, but try to do the first rather than latter.

    If the game is a hit and you get paid for each job you do for the game, you may not claim any rights or percent ownership of the studio it was made under. Any work you do will belong to us 100% after payment is completed, you may use it in your portfolio only, and may not resell or try to sue us over ownership. If you do not want this, you may work on the game for free instead. If you do this, your work will still belong to our company, but it will instead allow you to own part of the company/be a leader.



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