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  • Introduction

    We are looking for skilled individuals that are willing to dedicate themselves in getting better and working on astounding projects at an indie level. While we want people who are talented and experienced, something that is so much more important is dedication and passion, so don't hesitate if you have these characteristics. We believe in making games for fun and getting better over making a paycheck since you know only good people make it in the industry or corporations with lots of money to throw.

    This game is commercial and aimed at making money. We eventually plan to go through Steam Greenlight and possibly Kickstarter if we have to. It will work on many mobile platforms as we can well as OUYA which is now owned by Razer.

    Game Concept

    Blasters Online is a 2-D Online Role-Playing Game set in an arcade like experience, where you can battle other players using powerups, bombs, and collecting crystals on the map to regen your power. Power is used for making your attacks stronger and using your special attacks. The game is set in a universe inspired by Bomberman and Zelda, each player will have 3 hearts unless they spec their character to be more tank which in turn will go up to 5. Hearts can be replenished using powerups on the map which will replenish them.

    We will have Bomberman type of combat with many improvements such as new powerups and abilities including skins, a Pacman type gathering system where you earn points for completing the level in the quickest way possible and a trinity class system. Some other goodies such as multiplayer online and a classic/battle mode that will feature many types of mini games. There is a lot more planned as well!



    Don't take our word for it, but we have a lot of active projects which are in a long process of completion, but we haven't quit anything we've started - we mostly have just adapted it into a new game or postponed it until more resources are available. We try our best to see things to the end and not give up, it is our defining characteristic as a group of indies. We also like to keep reiterating what we create and make it better - provide long term support for our games even if they aren't a masterpiece. This allows us to keep getting better and provide a better service to our players.


    We're looking for talented developers who are familiar with Construct 2. There's no need for anyone else, but we would gladly accept Composers or Pixel Artists if you are interested. There's already an artist who will be doing the UIX and pixel art. We don't need any web developers though, unless you really can bring something to the table.


    • You can expand your portfolio as a game developer to get your foot into the door.
    • Not professional game developers, but we listen and learn from our failed experiences which drive us forward so that we can get better and learn.
    • Work on our project daily, here to chat if you are struggling on something you are assigned, and always showing ourselves better ways to do things.
    • Friendly to work with, don't force you to contribute any amount of hours and like to have fun.
    • You get to play the game before anyone else with new features, content, and other goodies!

    If the game is a hit and you get paid for each job you do for the game, you may not claim any rights or percent ownership of the studio it was made under. Any work you do will belong to us 100% after payment is completed, you may use it in your portfolio only, and may not resell or try to sue us over ownership. If you do not want this, you may work on the game for free instead. If you do this, your work will still belong to our company, but it will instead allow you to own part of the company/be a leader.



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  • Hey I'm a music composer and would love to possibly work with you guys! Here is a link to my website

    Let me know if you are interested at and we can discuss more details.


  • Thanks. We're going to share our game with our giant community, so it is a great way to get known. There's going to be a lot of similar designs with our current game, so we can keep our players interested in what we make. Sort of like branding. Once we officially launch our game in Beta, it should be smoother for people working or contributing to the games we make. It is just a lot of work to create a brand and business. It is no small task.

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