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  • Hello all. I am attempting to program this project my self for the most part and thought I would open it up for bids in case its worth it just to hire someone with more experience.

    Creating a mini game collection, of which one is a simple game of Checkers. I have designed the art for the game so I will only be needing someone to create the events and a basic explanation in case modifications need to be made after publishing.

    Game functions are as follows

    • Rules are basic Checkers game-play. If your not familiar with this universal game, please Google it as I believe most people have heard of it.
    • When a Player "jumps" another piece, the piece needs to be taken off the board and the other way around.
    • When a Double Jump is possible the Player is forced to take the move and the second Players turn with not begin until double and triple jumps are complete.
    • Changing the game piece from a regular piece to a kings piece when entered the opposing players side and change allowable directions accordingly.

    As far as budget goes... I really don't have one in mind. I am not familiar with the amount of work to pull this simple task off and will leave that up to you. Please PM with your bids and then reply here that a PM was sent to keep the topic fresh. Thanks and I will update this if anything doesn't appear clear or needs more explanation. Also upon being hired for this project, an NDA will be required.


    EDIT: If your having issues PMing me due to my "REP" score, please email me at Thanks!

  • If your programming the intelligence good luck

  • The game appears simple, until you get into it.

    As sosensible says, the AI is complicated (All good AI is complicated)

    I answered in a long winded way your other thread on it.

    You could find someone willing to do it for very little, but you won't get a very good game. And if you want an good game, it is going to cost a lot. Hourly rate this takes some time to develop - so you going to pay a fair amount for all the man hours.

    And exporting to iOS and android is a nightmare at the moment.

    Not trying to get you down - just grounding you. Now that you are grounded. Building games is truly a fantastic experience. I've had some of the best moments when I have been trying to do something for hours/days/weeks/months and it comes together. It's a drug (good drug) - I love it.

  • Is there really much demand/market for a checkers game? And I'm sure there are many free versions already out there.

    This mini-game collection you are making, what other games do you have planned?

  • Checkers and Chess are the two in which I'm including for FREE with the initial download. Additional Tabletop games will be sold via in-app purchase.

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  • Chess is so hard to make, checkers is much easier but still much work.

    I think something about 30 hours to get a "good" Ai. Which means you have to pay something between 300-1500 + Layout and "animations".

  • There should be enough examples and tutorials to help create your own checkers game using C2. It would probably save you money as well. Chess however, would be pretty tough. You would need to hire someone whose an expert at the game itself as well as a fluent coder for the opponent Ai.

    You'd probably save more money trying to hire someone for chess, only if you program the checkers app yourself.

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