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  • Hello, I will Beta Test (Or just try them out) for FREE!

    I will post all reviews of your game on your games topic/website,

    All you need to do is post something like this and I will get to you as soon as possible!

    Game Name:

    Game Version:

    Game Forum Topic/Webpage:

    Email: (Optional)

    Game Genre:

    Graphics Type: (This is so I can give you a fair review for your graphics)

    Also, my email is resinex112@gmail.com, please email me a download link for your game.


    I will not be forking out any money for this out of my own pocket, even if that means you just send me a demo!

    Also, you may use my reviews in any way, just don't take them out of context!

    I use a system that has proved useful in many other reviews.

    Something like this should appear if you have asked me to review your game:

    Game Play: /5

    Graphics: /5

    Sound: /5

    AI: /5

    Any Bugs:

    Other Comments

    I hope to hear from you guys VERY soon!

    Thank you

  • Why would anyone wish to provide their hard work to you for review?

    What is your track record?

    What site(s) would you be using to publish your results?

    In short, what incentive is there for people to allow you access to their games?

  • Well, for starters

    I only want a demo, not a full game.

    These would be my first video game reviews

    If you read my post, you would know that I will post my reviews on the games forum topic/website

    And I would only be doing this for fun, not like big time ones such as Meta critic, so theirs none.

    Also, you don't have to, I just like to give reviews, and it's not like it costs any money....

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