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    Hi everyone :)

    I�m Ben Rawles and I�m a Music Composer and lover of Indie games working in the UK. I�ve got 8 years of experience in Composition, Recording and Production, and I�m working towards my degree in Music for the Moving Image and Music Production at Leeds College of Music in North England.

    A little FAQ...

    Why would I choose you over other composers?

    I�m a passionate Music Composer, Producer and Songwriter with hours of composition for film and adverts under my belt. Studying at the prestigious College of Music in Leeds, I'm constantly working with other composers, artists, and musicians, so I have the connections to get exactly the sound you're looking for, and I have access to top flight studios to make it sound as good as possible.

    I've also written/co-written and produced two albums, which have both had nationwide radio-play (BRMB/Beacon/BBC Radio Leeds) and I've created Foley sound design for several film projects.

    Have you got any experience working with game developers?

    I have worked with a number of game developers on projects ranging from small Android/iOS projects to higher budget indie projects, but I make the most of any platform I work with, so small speakers on mobile platforms sound as good as possible, as well as fully fledged PC systems. Most of my experience lies in TV and Advertising, but I'm excited to work with passionate game developers that want great music to give their game atmosphere and personality!

    How much do you charge?

    This will depend entirely on what you're looking for, but as I'm a student, I can achieve a lot more than you'd expect for your budget. Whether you want to tell me what you need, or what you can afford, I will do the best I can to enrich your game, without exhausting your budget!

    Can I listen to something?

    I have a wide selection of demo material on my website. If you want to know what I could do for your game or film, send me an e-mail (details at the bottom) with a few details about your project and I'll compose a free sample for you. For both samples and quotes, I'll aim to get back to you on the same day!

    Kind Regards,

    Ben Rawles

    UK Music Composer

  • A quick update!

    I've been working with Will McAusland of the Mutant Epoch, Orange Tree Samples, Sample Modeling and Soniccouture in the last few weeks, a long with some great game developers (sworn to secrecy!), so I've got a few nice new demos for you!

    Listen to my new demos at


  • Just listened to some samples. Great work Ben.

    Good luck with uni and a future as a composer!

  • Hi mister k,

    Thanks for listening to my demos, and I'm glad you like them!

    Cheers :)


  • I've been working closely with the talented creator of 'Reobirth' over the last few weeks so I've got some great new stuff to show you!

    I'm also working on music and sound design for two big game trailer projects, an android game (for Microsoft and Sony) and a full game soundtrack later in the year!

    Stay tuned and thanks for your interest,


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  • I've finished all four soundtracks for Reobirth now, and you can listen to all of them on my website -

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Reobirth logo!

    Thanks for your interest,


  • I've now made an agreement with a professional string quintet (Full 5 Piece), so I can offer real, live strings in any compositions I do for you. The expression and emotion you get from these players is incredible, and it really can't be matched by composers using computers alone.

    If you're looking for some high budget movie quality music, but you're on a tight budget, I guarantee that I can compose and record what you want with professional string players, in a high-end acoustically treated recording studio for less than $120/�80/94 Euro per minute!

    If you're budget is very tight, I can offer even better rates without recorded live strings.

  • Would you be open to doing a profit share type deal?

  • Hey Kobusvdwalt! Sorry I haven't been using this thread for months, and I wasn't notified by email of your message!

    Hopefully you managed to source a composer for your project, and to finally answer your question - yes I'm open to profit share deals.

    Please consider me for any current or future projects you work on.

    All the best!


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