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  • Construct 2 cross platform simple childrens game /app

    I'm looking for someone experienced with Construct 2 to develop a particular game in the kids learning category. The game will be exported for Android and IOS. The game will be extremely similar to this one: edit - link not allowed,- it's basically a sliding jigsaw/puzzle game dragging one piece of the puzzle to fit the empty space. The main purpose of this job is not to create an app/game for me so I can then have it published but rather create for teaching purposes - so I can learn how it's done quickly by someone with experience.

    I need the whole thing to be screencast and broken down to a tutorial with running commentary on what your doing and why you're doing it. Annotations will suffice if you prefer.

    Don't worry about art, everything will be provided or you can use any image off the net for example purposes. This will never be published. The aim is not to have a good looking polished game, just the process screencast from start to finish.

    The game will consist of a menu screen and 3 example levels. The menu screen will also show thumbnail images of the levels. Incorporation of an admob banner and an IAP feature to 'unlock' the third level. The menu screen will also have a link to rate the app.

    It's a relatively small project given there's only 3 levels and each level is effectively an image with a few moving parts. Full details will be given.

    Here's a perfect example of a tutorial done on CS2 for a breakout type game. His speed, commentary and delivery is perfect for someone new like me.

    Edit: Links not allowed

    Budget: open to suggestions


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  • Hello, my name is david. I would love to build your game for you. When do you need it?

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