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25 high-quality robots. This asset is perfect for a side scrolling game, or even a turn based RPG type game.
  • for <font color="red">$10</font> get .capx or .zip with the pics to integrate into game or website for an avatar maker with over <font color="red">4K</font> results in less than 50 pics

    bird avatarmaker

    for <font color="red">$25</font> get .capx or .zip with the pics to integrate into game or website for an avatar maker with over <font color="red">2.8M</font> results in less than 100 pics

    sketch avatarmaker

    this does not give you ownership to sell

    just all rights to use and use in paid products

    heres a link to the avatar maker to see if you like it


    for a different type of avatar request your prefrence

    when you buy a type it will include free updates to it even if the price goes up

  • Could you rephrase you're post? I'm not understanding the request.

  • ok

  • I think your charging to little. I think you should charge closer to $20. While C2 tools are fantastically easy to use; having these tools at hand and receiving continued support is worth it.

    I've already put together an avatar maker, but in light of the long term support would probably aim closer to $30 myself.

    Anyone who wants to save time and has the money will find it worth it. Anyone who can do it or would rather save money won't.

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  • yes but its less because multiple people can use it and there is no personal licence

  • Id say you're probably advertising in the wrong place however.

    Even the most novice here could put the events to do this together, then again a capx would mean little to a web developer elsewhere, as its not a format that they would find useful.

  • newt

    I agree it's in the wrong section :D

    yes even a novice could put it together, but it's about time saving and support. If sosensible is willing to support any problems that come up then it's way worth the price for $10.

    but again I noticed this seemed to be a random avatar maker rather than a controlled one. Maybe $10 is fine price :D

    I agree though that outside of C2 no one can use it.

  • what you need to use it is the art and the capx contains it all in under 50 pics and I can sell the zip with the pics to

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