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  • Hi, i have been working alot on construct 2 the past 3 years (more or less) and i think i have enough experience to work on another project as Developer.

    With my experience and my free time, i could be able to add features and work on the game alot, i can work on any kind of games.

    Here's some exemples of things i've already completed (sadly i lost alot of files due to a problem with my old USB):

    -Pokemon like (including online trading and online battles)

    -Online turn based games (trading card games, ect..)

    -Tower defense

    -Rhythm games


    -Tchat services


    Once we get a deal, i'll be able to work on the project and deliver quality c2 projects including alot of customization, coding notes and flexible code. I'll also provide complete docs on how to edit the game easily and add new content.

    My prices depends on the work needed, we can discuss on that, i'm also open to "revenue-share" projects unless it doesn't look serious enough. I don't provide graphics, audio, i'm only doing the c2 coding part.



    You can also contact me here on scirra.

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  • Still available

  • Hello! We are looking to hire a game developer to add to our team. We are mostly backend developers (PHP/MySQL) and our games have millions of installs. We just need some really motivated games developers with some sweet ideas, and we will take care of ads, promotion, hosting and such

    If you're interested, please PM me!

  • Hey can u remake this game --- synergy-studios.net/Gamez/123

    my developer has disappered

    This is a a paid project. I need help finishing a game. I need help setting up multiple levels, setting up a visible scoring system. moving from level to level , Transitions and the main menu. All the layout work is already completed ---- I also need help with setting up a score system that is visual for the player. This is a paid gig there is no design work involved just simple coding and transitions.

    Here is my contact information - My Skype user ID is Josh317. And this is my email address tulsa317bmz@gmail.com

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