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  • I've released the second character theme I've written for one of my current projects! Details to be disclosed soon...


  • Here's what I worked on over the weekend. An ambient track with a 'beach and nature' ambience sound effect behind it. Very 'New Age'...


  • I've been working on an 'adaptive soundtrack' for a new oculus rift game recently, here's the first peek at the final product…


  • The second loop of my 'adaptive soundtrack' for upcoming Oculus Rift game 'Pilgrimage'


  • The third loop of my 'adaptive soundtrack' for upcoming Oculus Rift game 'Pilgrimage'


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  • I've been working on a endless runner demo recently. Omegalith features a rock golem running through the jungle to escape an enormous gloopy darkness!

    Listen to the OST here, demo to be released later this week.


  • I made a short demo video detailing my implementation using Wwise with Unity. All audio made and implemented by me.

    Check it out here!


  • Started a new project last week; writing music for upcoming side-scrolling MMO True Saga!

    Listen to the first tune here:


  • The second tune I have written for side-scroller 'True Saga'

    This one is for a 'Port Town' level.


  • Here's another tune written for side-scrolling MMO 'True Saga'

    This time, a chilled out smooth jazz number.


  • This week I've updated my sfx portfolio with some sounds from more recent projects.

    Check it out here:


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