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  • Hi!

    My name is Matthew Dear and I am a games music composer/sound designer. I've combinde my two great passions of music/sound and gaming to create in-your-face, highly varied audio assets!

    Here are a few points about me:

    • I've been playing games and composing music for well over ten years, both covering a wide variety of styles and formats.
    • I run a pro-quality home studio; capable of both realistic, high quality recordings and far-out conceptual effects and ambiences.
    • I have recently completed an online course on using Wwise audio implementation software. You can see a demo of my Wwise work here:


    • You can view my Soundtrack, SFX and voice acting portfolios on my website


    Some examples of my previous work:

    Sakura Fantasy - Steam visual novel - SFX & Ambience



    'Omegalith' - Work in progess - demo on Gamejolt


    'Puzzle House: Mystery Rising' - iOS game - SFX


    ‘Alf, Bet& Gam’ - iOS game – Music & SFX


    ‘The Boy With Bombs’-iOS Game - SFX


    Current Work Includes - Sakura Dungeon (SFX), Omegalith (iOS, SFX & Music).

    I also score to moving picture/trailers, examples of my work here:


    Please get in touch if you like what you hear, my rates vary depending on complexity/style and can be flexible to meet your budget.

    I am willing to work for rev-share if the project is right.

    Matthew Dear



    Skype: matthew.dear2

  • Posted up a new track this week soundcloud[dot]com/matthewdear-1/who-you-are

  • Just updated my sfx portfolio with tracks from my latest project, Garden Raid! A top-down browser game soon-to-be-released.


  • Me and my sister worked on a little art project today. She made the video, and I wrote the music.

    Check it out here:


  • A hybrid chiptune-orchestral piece I'm writing for a new game, Carrier Crusade; in which you play as a carrier pidgeon...


  • Pricing? Also do you do work for revenue share? I have music for my games atm but might need some later

    Justin / ~Ant

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  • Hi Justin

    Yes I have done so in the past, it depends on the project. Please contact me via email on and we can speak further.




  • Posted up a battle theme for on of my cuurent projects, Excidium! It's frantic Drum'n'Bass!


  • Updated my Music Portfolio today, a mixture of pieces from the last couple of years.


  • If you like what you hear, I'd really appreciate a like on my facebook page



  • I posted the first in a series of 'character themes' I'm writing for a new project today. Watch this space!


  • Wrote a short piece for a menu screen today, check it out here!


  • An iOS game I did sound effects for was released last week! Check out the trailer here:


  • An iOS game I did sound effects for was released last week! Check out the trailer here:


  • I wrote a fun 'acoustic rock' track this weekend. Made for a top-down browser game.


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