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  • Hi all, i am currently building a shoot em up game similar in scope to the recently released Twisted shadow world.

    In the game you control a spaceship which can be upgraded from a very simple design to a more advanced design with different ship options etc.

    I am ideally looking for someone who likes ascii art and would like to help build the art work for the game, To help with building the levels and layouts of the game. And to work with me to help design some puzzle mechanics.

    As indicated the game will be built useing ascii art.

    Here is an example of the concept, my efforts have been geared towards making the explosions, weapon systems and the player controlled ships which can be seen in the demo. (right click to destroy the current ship type)

    I can build the art myself, but sadly i am not adept at it. So would like someone to help build the game with me.

    At this point it is a free to play project, but if the game gets larger I will consider releasing commercialy and would then happily pay or share profits. But sadly I cannot offer much at the moment for payment.

    If anyone is interested let me know, pm or email:

    admin (remove the spaces)

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