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  • Okay I know this is a long shot, but I want an artist for a small RPG. I already have stock art, but of course I would prefer some original stuff. The deal is a 40% cut plus $100 AUD per week. Sorry, but any more than that and oDesk becomes more attractive. The work would start in about 10 days.


    -Very grim RPG, not a kidsy romp

    -No turn based combat. Actually combat is more of a real-time 'automated via commands' thing, and there isn't a lot of it in the game

    -Emphasis on story, puzzles and navigating very cunning conversations


    -Full non-grid based pathfinding

    -Line of sight detection

    -Inventory system with point-and-click style usage options and item combining

    -1-6 hours of gameplay depending on paths chosen with huge emphasis on replay value

    -Over a dozen endings

    -Multiple main characters

    -Full custom soundtrack

    -Full text system with choices

    -Autosave feature that records every aspect of the game

    All of this without the use of any plugins what-so-ever to ensure compatibility with as many platforms as possible and also so I can make my own modifications.

    So far latest tests have it running at 30fps on Android when maximum number of units are on screen, which is pretty nice.


    The game runs on pc, web, android and I am going to assume mac and iPhone (as the new .exe exporter works for mac and Cocoon's APK works fine. I just haven't got around to testing on them). I am also hoping to get it running on Ouya, but as everyone is aware there are issues with the controller.

    While I will be approaching some publishers, it's not a good idea to rely on that. And if I do, I will be approaching some of the local successes (in Australia) like Halfbrick and Voxel Agents as they have been much more receptive in the past than big companies, as you could imagine.

    The final monetisation structure is not solidified, but leaning strongly towards 'pay after a certain time'.

    This game is not aimed at becoming a block-buster or the next Angry Birds, so don't expect that, it is simply trying to be a great experience. An actually good game, not a 2-minutes-of-joy-for-a-dollar affair.


    The game is still heavily in development, but the entire engine itself is almost complete. The only mechanic I still have to work on is combat. I expect the entire engine to be complete within a week, then it's about adding content. I have a very clear view of what is going into the game as I have been working on it as a side project for about 6 months now and have also built a substantial game doc. So I expect to have the game completed by late March.

    If you are interested, you would need to work very busily to try to keep to that timeline.


    It will be about 10 days until I can give you the exact number, but to outline:

    The primary things that need to be done are backgrounds and characters. As I have stock art for everything, I will simply send you a level and you recreate it to fit, in the exact same dimensions. So once style has been confirmed, there really should not be any misunderstanding as to what is wanted. I will handle UI and effects myself.

    The game world is very small for an RPG, but small for an RPG is enormous compared to an endless runner. There will be about 20 different characters too that need basic animation.

    So that's about it, if you're interested or want more info, feel free to send me a message!


    These two artists represent Trenchrat Studio and both hold BFAs in Animation. We can make pretty much anything you'd need! So, if you're interested, send an email to [at] and we could get right to work.

    We look forward to hearing from you :)

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  • Hello,

        My name is Gifny Richata, I'm a Concept Artist & Illustrator from Indonesia, and the lead artist of an artist guild called Oray Studios. We have more than 5 years of experience making graphics, illustrations, and artworks for video games, apps, websites, books, packaging, and other needs...with reasonable price. And we are very interested in the Game Art job you're offering.

        We put our latest and best works here:

        And also some video reel of the games we made, here:


        If you don't have a Facebook account, you can check them out here:

        We hope you will find our skills could fit your needs. We're very flexible with the design/art styles as we have artists with different skills and talents.

        We have worked on many projects remotely with clients all over the world, if you need any references from our clients please let us know. You can also read some of the testimonials from our past clients here on our website:   

        Thank you for your time, and I'm looking forward to hear from you. Please email me at for further info.


    Gifny Richata

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