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  • Hello all,

    I've recently been working on a huge project in a different engine, which you can find more details in my sig. Unfortunately i've run out of steam with that project. It does what its supposed to do but it's not hugely fun. Inspiration has dried up for now.

    So recently i jumped back onto construct 2 and have already started my next project. I'd rather not share my ideas publicly at this stage.

    My past works with construct 2:

    Stickman vietnam,

    Unfortunately i'm no longer hosting this but here's a video. Was a short game that started out as my own stress test for html5.

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    Fruit Salad Slice,

    A game made in 2 weeks to test android. Could have turned out really good with more work. Either way it now has over 7000 downloads. ... SaladSlice

    I can not guarantee there will be money made from this partnership. The reality is, you get out what you put in. This will be a good opportunity for someone who is willing to work on a project to have their art featured in a game, wants comes after is a bonus.

    If your interested, send me a PM.


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  • Hi GamesFreaks,

    Seems i cant Pm you because of my rep ( Or do much else for that matter ),

    But i would like to help out in a partnership.

    Contact me at wildroostergfx(at)gmail(dot)com

    Look forward to hearing from you,



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