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  • Hello,

    I am wrapping up an RPG engine I've been working on for about a year now and want to start putting some test games on it. So, I want to make a lot of very small games consisting of 1-3 screens max and 4-6 characters.

    There is a RTB style combat system, although it doesn't need to be used. It can be just adventure style walking around and talking with a puzzle or two.

    I want these to be done within a week each, and am up for suggestions as to what exactly happens in these games, so long as it can be done fast. The idea is to just get games to a finished state as soon as possible. I will release them on a number of stores, but don't expect there to be any revenue, it's more just dropping pennies in a well.

    So if you're interested and can do characters, backgrounds an UI let me know! Also, if you use Spriter it would be much better ;)

  • hello i would like to help make your engine/games

    i am very good at backrounds/characters


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  • Hey Rhiley,

    Thanks, but I already found someone. But if you have some links to your work maybe I can find time for more later down the track :)

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