Artist needed for Isaac like game.

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  • Hi i am in need of an artist for an randomly generated rouge-like game like the binding of isaac it is really simple graphics the partner would do : the art (backgrounds, players etc)

       : some general game design and level design

    I would do all the programming and some game design.

    The game will be released on chrome web store, mozilla marketplace, OUYA,Windows 8 Store and as a free to play game

    Will feature coop.

    this is really just to build a great game that people will enjoy and to build up a portifolio.

    Pm me if interested.

  • You have an interesting proposition here, but it would be more engaging if you also reveal more information on your current idea, complete with your ideas for the art style, maybe include what past projects you've work on and your capabilities!

    I would try working with a partner, but I pretty much so everythig pretty fast myself, so I tend to just go with that..

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  • Rory Hi, i was thinking pixel art like spelunky and it would be top down like isaac also i was thinking of adding more objects than isaac.

    I have no previous expieriance making games but i am a very good object pascal programmer and is currently working on Sarif the game(

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